Stoic philosopher writing down his thoughts in a journal.

What is Stoic week?

Stoic week is an yearly online event put on by modernstoicism that encourages fans of stoicism to truly live like a stoic for 7 days.

It's been gaining in it's popularity since its inception in 2013, and has been going strong since, with over 20,000 participants in total!

How do you get involved?

Getting started with Stoic week is easy, and completely free. Simply head over to modernstoicism and wait until registrations are open (I recommend following them on Twitter for more updates, and supporting them on Patreon for keeping a great thing going for so long).

When is stoic week 2021?

Stoic week 2021 is scheduled for October 18 to 24.

Stoic week handbooks

Living as a stoic for 7 more days can be more difficult than you may think, but thankfully modernstoicism has put together some really handy guidebooks on getting through the process with advice, general theory and a few step-by-step exercises on how to live like a stoic in our modern world.

If you're curious see what they are all about, feel free to view the previous handbooks:

Download the free stoicism sticker pack for iOS

This free sticker pack includes portraits of some of our favorite philosophers.