12 Stoic wallpapers for your iPhone or Android

I get a lot of people on Instagram asking if I could put together a wallpaper pack of some of my favorite stoic philosophers. I found with most stoic wallpaper packs had stoic quotes on them, but they are always hard to read on mobile.

Instead, I put together a stylized version more focused on the philosophers themselves that look amazing as backgrounds.

The background pack contains images of:

Marcus Aurelius
Thomas Paine
Frederick Douglass

stoic wallpaper pack for android and iOS
stoic wallpaper pack for android and iOS

Free background sample

Want to get an idea of what you get with the full pack? Download this free Zeno wallpaper pack with over 16 sizes for Android and iPhone.

Download free wallpaper pack

Zeno wallpaper on iPhone

The premium pack contains 9 different background with 16 sizes each, and will fit most popular iPhone and Android phones. If it doesn't fit your device, email me, and I'll make you a custom version.

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Download the free stoicism sticker pack for iOS

This free sticker pack includes portraits of some of our favorite philosophers.